WP4 Caps

WP 4.1 Caps shall be of contrasting colour, other than solid red, as approved by the referees, but also to contrast with the colour of the ball. A team may be required by the referees to wear white or blue caps. The goalkeepers shall wear red caps. Caps shall be fastened under the chin. If a player loses the cap during play, the player shall replace it at the next appropriate stoppage of the game when the player’s team is in possession of the ball. Caps shall be worn throughout the entire game.

WP 4.2 Caps shall be fitted with malleable ear protectors which shall be the same colour as the team’s caps except that the goalkeeper may have red protectors.

WP 4.3 Caps shall be numbered on both sides with numbers 0.10 metres in height. The goalkeeper shall wear cap no. 1 and the other caps shall be numbered 2 to 13. A substitute goalkeeper shall wear a red cap numbered 13. A player shall not be allowed to change his cap number during the game except with the permission of a referee and with notification to the secretary.

WP 4.4 For international games, the caps shall display on the front the international three letter country code and may display the national flag. The country code shall be 0.04 metres in height.

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