WP5 Teams & Substitutes

WP 5.1 Each team shall consist of seven players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper and who shall wear the goalkeeper’s cap, and not more than six reserves who may be used as substitutes. A team playing with less than 7 players shall not be required to have a goalkeeper.

WP 5.2 All players not in the game at that time, together with the coaches and officials with the exception of the head coach, shall sit on the team bench and shall not move away from the bench from the commencement of play, except during the intervals between periods or during timeouts. The head coach of the attacking team shall be allowed to move to the 5 metre line at any time. Teams shall only change ends and benches at half time and before the start of the second period of any extra time. The team benches shall both be situated on the side opposite to the official table.

WP 5.3 The captains shall be playing members of their respective teams and each shall be responsible for the good conduct and discipline of his team.

WP 5.4 Players shall wear non-transparent costumes or costumes with a separate undergarment and before taking part in a game shall remove any articles likely to cause injury.

WP 5.5 Players shall not have grease, oil or any similar substance on the body. If a referee ascertains before the start of play that such a substance has been used, he shall order it to be removed immediately. The start of play shall not be delayed for the substance to be removed. If the offence is detected after the play has started, the offending player shall be excluded from the remainder of the game and a substitute permitted to enter the field of play immediately from the re-entry area nearest to his own goal line.

WP 5.6 At any time in the game, a player may be substituted by leaving the field of play at the re-entry area nearest to his own goal line. The substitute may enter the field of play from the re-entry area as soon as the player has visibly risen to the surface of the water within the re-entry area. If a goalkeeper is substituted under this Rule, the substitute shall be required to wear a goalkeeper’s cap. No substitution shall be made under this Rule between the time a referee awards a penalty throw and the taking of the throw, except at a timeout.

WP 5.7 A substitute may enter the field of play from any place:
(a) during the intervals between periods of play, including any periods of extra time;
(b) after a goal has been scored;
(c) during a timeout;
(d) to replace a player who is bleeding or injured.

WP 5.8 A substitute shall be ready to replace a player without delay. If the substitute is not ready, the game shall continue without the substitute and, at any time, the substitute may then enter the field of play from the re-entry area nearest to the substitute own goal line.

WP 5.9 A goalkeeper who has been replaced by a substitute may, if the player returns to the game, play in any position.

WP 5.10 Should a goalkeeper retire from the game through any medical reason, the referees shall allow an immediate substitution, subject to one of the players taking the goalkeeper’s cap.

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