WP10 Secretaries

WP 10.1 The duties of the secretaries shall be:
(a) to maintain the record of the game, including the players, the score, timeouts, exclusion fouls, penalty fouls, and personal fouls awarded against each player;
(b) to control the periods of exclusion of players and to signal the expiration of the period of exclusion by raising the appropriate flag; except that a referee shall signal the re-entry of an excluded player or a substitute when that player’s team has retaken possession of the ball. After 4 minutes the secretary should signal the re-entry of a substitute for a player who has committed brutality by raising the yellow flag along with the appropriate coloured flag;
(c) to signal with the red flag and by whistle for any improper re-entry of an excluded player or improper entry of a substitute (including after a signal by a goal judge to indicate an improper re-entry or entry), which signal shall stop play immediately;
(d) to signal, without delay, the award of a third personal foul against any player as follows:
(i) with the red flag if the third personal foul is an exclusion foul;
(ii) with the red flag and a whistle if the third personal foul is a penalty foul.


WP11 Video Assistant Referee

WP 11.1 The duties of the Video Assistant referee shall be:

(a) to alert the match referee(s) in doubtful “goal / no goal” situations

(b) to show the match referee(s) a re-play of the doubtful “goal / no goal” situation

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