WP14 The Start of Play

WP 14.1 The first team listed in the official program will wear white caps or the caps reflecting the colour of their country and will start the game to the left of the official table. The other team will wear blue caps or caps of a contrasting colour and will start the game to the right of the table.

WP 14.2 At the start of each period, the players shall take up positions on their respective goal lines, about one metre apart and at least one metre from the goal posts. Not more than two players shall be allowed between the goal posts. No part of a player’s body shall be beyond the goal line at water level.

[NOTE: No player may pull the lane line forward and the player swimming for the ball must not have their feet on the goal in an attempt to push off at the start or restart of the game.]

WP 14.3 When the referees are satisfied that the teams are ready, a referee shall blow the whistle to start and then release or throw the ball into play on the half distance line.

WP 14.4 If the ball is released or thrown giving one team a definite advantage, the referee shall call for the ball and award a neutral throw on the half distance line.

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