WP18 Corner Throws

WP 18.1 A corner throw shall be awarded when the entire ball has passed fully over the goal line excluding between the goal posts and underneath the crossbar, having last been touched by the goalkeeper of the defending team or when a defending player deliberately sends the ball over the goal line.

WP 18.2 The corner throw shall be taken by a player of the attacking team from the 2 metre mark on the side nearest to which the ball crossed the goal line. The throw need not be taken by the nearest player but shall be taken without undue delay.

[NOTE: For method of taking the throw, see note to WP 17.2]

WP 18.3 At the taking of a corner throw no players of the attacking team shall be within the 2 metre area.

WP 18.4 A corner throw taken from the wrong position or before the players of the attacking team have left the 2 metre area shall be retaken.

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