WP24 Penalty Throws

WP 24.1 A penalty throw shall be taken by any player of the team to which it is awarded from any point on the opponents’ 5 metre line.

WP 24.2 All players shall leave the 5 metre area and shall be at least two metres from the player taking the throw. On each side of the player taking the throw, one player of the defending team shall have the first right to take position. The defending goalkeeper shall be positioned between the goal posts with no part of his body beyond the goal line at water level. Should the goalkeeper be out of the water, another player may take the position of the goalkeeper but without the goalkeeper’s privileges and limitations.

WP 24.3 When the referee controlling the taking of the throw is satisfied that the players are in their correct positions the referee shall signal for the throw to be taken, by whistle and by simultaneously lowering the arm from a vertical to a horizontal position.

[NOTE: The lowering of the arm at the same time as the signal by whistle makes it possible under any conditions, even amidst noise by spectators, to execute the throw in accordance with the Rules. As the arm is lifted, the player taking the throw will concentrate, for the player knows that the signal will follow immediately.]

WP 24.4 The player taking the penalty throw shall have possession of the ball and shall immediately throw it with an uninterrupted movement directly at the goal. The player may take the throw by lifting the ball from the water (figure 23) or with the ball held in the raised hand (figure 24) and the ball may be taken backwards from the direction of the goal in preparation for the forward throw, provided that the continuity of the movement shall not be interrupted before the ball leaves the thrower’s hand.

[NOTE: There is nothing in the Rules to prevent a player taking the throw with the player’s back to the goal while the player adopts a half screw or full screw action.]


WP 24.5 If the ball rebounds from the goal post, crossbar or goalkeeper it remains in play and it shall not be necessary for another player to play or touch the ball before a goal can be scored.

WP 24.6 If at precisely the same time as the referee awards a penalty throw the timekeeper whistles for the end of a period, all players except the player taking the throw and the defending goalkeeper shall leave the water before the penalty throw is taken. In this situation, the ball shall immediately be dead should it rebound into play from the goal post, crossbar or the goalkeeper.

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