A preview of the LEN Extraordinary Congress in Cascais, Portugal

LEN member federations to discuss results of first 100 Day Action Plan

The first three months of activity of the recently elected LEN Bureau will be discussed with national member federations of the European Aquatics association at the Extraordinary Congress which takes place on May 14 in Cascais, Portugal.

LEN President Antonio Silva said: “We had a clear vision to develop aquatics in a collaborative, inclusive and united way.

We have achieved a lot together already and look forward to continuing this journey with the same energy and determination to bring positive and sustainable change to the sport.

But it is important to emphasise that our work is just beginning and we will continue cooperating with all federations for the good of the sport.”

LEN set out to make progress immediately after the election.

A 100-day Action Plan was created for each of the Manifesto’s four pillars, with dedicated teams, so that there were clear objectives to develop together.

It has been a busy three months and LEN has seen concrete progress across all four pillars

Just some of the highlights are:

• Prioritising good governance and integrity through constitutional reform proposals, which will be voted on in Cascais.

• Performing an audit of the LEN office structure, finances, and operations, focusing on events, marketing, and communications.

• Building more alignment with FINA which included a recent Europe wide tour.

• Focusing on financial sustainability by redefining the event calendar and the approach to marketing and media.

• Identifying new Corporate Social Responsibility programmes to target social inequality through conversations with the International Paralympic Committee and the creation of a Specialised Projects Commission and three sub-commissions.


LEN Vice President Josip Vardovic said: “We hope that you have found the updates on each pillar published over the past few weeks to have been informative.

We are very grateful for your detailed contributions to the survey that we recently shared with all Member Federations as this input is an integral part of informing LEN’s future priorities and goals.”

The LEN media team will provide detailed news and information from the Extraordinary Congress in Cascais on May 14.