Euro Cup Water Polo Semi-Finals Results

For the fifth time in the history of the Euro Cup, an all Italian final is looming on the horizon.

Ortigia already secured its place after a devastating away win in Oradea while Brescia managed to beat Eger by three goals in a huge fight.

Semi-finals, 1st leg

AN Brescia (ITA) v ZF Eger (HUN) 6-3,

DiGi Oradea (ROU) v CC Ortigia (ITA) 4- 10

Return leg: 4 March

Many considered the clash of Brescia and Eger as a final brought forward since the two sides were regular Final Six/Eight participants in recent years.

And their first clash just showed their quality, especially the defences worked well. In fact, they were too tight as the first three periods saw only three goals! Eger netted the first one late in the opening period, Brescia needed 10:52 minutes to get on the board but soon added another one to lead 2-1 at halftime – and the standing was the same before the last break as the third didn’t see any more goals.

Compared to the first 24 minutes, the last eight brought a flood as Brescia managed to score three connecting goals after 3-2 (Eger could score after 21:46 minutes) and that was decisive.

The Hungarians could pull one back but the three-goal advantage favours Brescia to reach the final for a recordbreaking 6th time. The other Italian team Ortigia already secured its place by a huge win in Oradea.

Here the decisive phase came in the middle two periods when the Sicilians had a 0-5 run after 2-2 and never looked back. The Romanians remained silent for 11:16 minutes and that killed their chances to reach the final once again after 2017.

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