*UPDATED* Enfield’s return to water polo training


*Updated 30/9/20* 

Enfield Water Polo Club have returned to training at Southgate Leisure Centre and QE Boys School, Barnet.

Following five months out of the pool due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to announce Monday night sessions (8.30-9.30pm) are set to resume at QE Boys School in Barnet from Monday, 7th September, and Wednesdays (8-10pm) at Southgate Leisure Centre from Wednesday, 30th September.

QE Boys School Pool, Barnet

Club secretary Fred Willey has emailed all members with more details about the sessions and information on the new procedures that will need to be strictly adhered to.

If you haven’t heard from the club directly, please contact our club coach Aloka Prelis by email at prelis@gmail.com or call 0778 705 5617 to register your interest if you would like to attend.

We look forward to welcoming you all back into the pool! New members always welcome.

Our match pool at QE Boys School, Barnet

Guideline information for Mondays at QE Boys School from coach Aloka Prelis:

• Training starts at 8:30pm

• You can only arrive 5 mins before the start of the session to the entrance.
If you arrive before that, you need to remain in the car park

• 2m social distancing must be observed

• You must arrive at the pool wearing a face mask or you will not be permitted to enter

• Once the door is opened at 8:25, a covid officer of the club will check your temperature and provide hand sanitizer to be used.

• You must follow the marked path towards the pool deck and change pool side (you must arrive pool/swim ready)

• You cannot use the usual changing room

• You must remove all footwear prior to entering the pool deck

• Once you change, you must take your belongings and proceed to the far side of the pool and leave you stuff on the opposite side of the pool deck

• You must maintain social distancing at all times during training

• Once training is complete, you must collect your stuff and head towards the boys changing room

• Inside the changing room, areas will be marked that you can use. (No showers will be working) you have 10 mins to change and leave to the car park

• Once you go into the changing room, you must wear your mask again

• It’s important that we all abide by these guidelines to ensure we continue to be able to use the pool at QE

• For now, the senior teams will only train at QE from 8.30-9.30PM on Mondays while the juniors train at Southgate on Wednesday 8.30-10PM.